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GEMS Are The Best New Band You’ve Never Heard

1. GEMS are a duo from Washington, D.C. who have been making some extraordinarily gorgeous and sexy music over the past year. View this image › Via swide.com That’s lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Pitts on the left, and multi-instrumentalist and occasional singer Clifford John Usher on the right. 2. The best place to start […]


Must watch: Duck Dynasty and ‘Blurred Lines’ mashup at #CMAawards [video]

Did @BradPaisley and @CarrieUnderwood seriously just remix Blurred Lines & Duck Dynasty? YES. #CMAawards — Country Music Assoc. (@CountryMusic) November 7, 2013 When the stars from the hit show “Duck Dynasty” made their grand bearded entrance onto the Country Music Awards’ red carpet, no one expected that they’d end up on the stage twerking to […]


What Is A Furry?

View this image › Flickr: scarehousescott What’s a furry? Furries are people who like to dress up in animal costumes and enjoy role-playing as their animal “fursona”. Sure, not all furries actually dress up, some are just fans of the furry world, or only role-play online. Within the furry community, there’s a lot of distinction […]


Community Post: The 13 Most Beloved Twin Peaks Fan Art Pieces Of 2013

1. Twin Peaks Pie & Coffee Supercut With over 5,000 combined Likes and Shares on Welcome to Twin Peaks, this meant-to-be supercut is definitely the most popular Twin Peaks fan art of the year. And we owe Bryan Menegus many damn good coffees for it. PS: Kyle MacLachlan himself tweeted about the video. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12QQV3lyYj0]Video […]


The Most Disgusting Science Experiment I've Ever Seen, Or A Terrifying Wake-Up Call?

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I think we’re all aware that cigarettes contain tar and other carcinogens, but I didn’t realize just how gnarly that stuff looks when it goes into someone’s lungs. Check out the whole experiment, or just skip straight to 2:37 for the main event. Remember, many smokers put this amount of sludge (and often more) into […]